Tarzana History

History of TARZANA

History of the Area

Tarzana was originally part of the San Fernando Mission, which was established in 1797 by Spanish settlers and missionaries, who eventually displaced the indigenous population. Later it was seized by Mexico and then by the United States, at which point the area came to be part of a sequential order of large cattle. Beginning in the 1870s, the area was purchased by investors end transformed it into a large-scale wheat farm operation.

In 1909 the surrounding area was purchased by the Los Angeles Suburban Homes Company. General Harrison Gray Otis founder and publisher of the Los Angeles Times had invested in the company, while also purchasing 550 acres in the center of today´s Tarzana.

In 1915 Edgar Rice Burroughs, best known as the author of the Tarzan Stories, purchased Otis´ land, upon which he built a large home, and renamed the property Tarzana Ranch. Burroughs subdivided and sold the land for residential development, while the neighboring small farms were also converted to residential areas.

In 1927 local residents renamed the town Tarzana in honor of Burroughs and his famous literary character and this is why we call this wonderful area Tarzana today.

My favorite things to do:

If you are of a nature lover and like to hike and bike, at the end of Reseda Blvd you will find a wonderful hidden little park, it is somewhat of a secret, where you can begin your journey of an all day hike and bike and picnic. Enjoy the tranquil sunsets and the breathtaking sunrise in this magical setting.

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For information on community events at the Tarzana Chamber of commerce